RBK Community Award for Ben & Ed from Leander

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RBK Community Award for Ben & Ed from Leander

16 March 2018

Ed Paterson and Ben Longhurst have both been long-standing members of Leander Sea Scouts at its riverside Headquarters in Lower Ham Road.

On Thursday evening, 28th September 2017, members of the Leander Explorer Unit were boating from the Headquarters. They were rowing upstream in twos and threes in dinghies, between Kingston road and railway bridges. When opposite the John Lewis store, they were aware of blue flashing lights on the bank. They were called and went over to the Kingston side of the river, where Police were on the bank and two skiffs were on the water, attending to two men in the river. One of the men was standing up, holding the head of the other, who seemed to be unconscious, above the water.

Ed Paterson climbed into one of the skiffs and Ben Longhurst jumped into the water, grabbed the unconscious man and pushed him into the skiff, with Ed’s help. The man became conscious and reacted violently. Ed and the other man in the skiff held him down. By this time, paramedics had arrived and lifted the man onto land.

An RNLI inshore boat arrived, complimented the two Explorer Scouts and checked that they were fit and well.

Police Chief Superintendent Sally Benatar, Kingston Borough Commissioner, wrote expressing her thanks for the assistance given. She said that the officers were extremely impressed with the way in which the young men had acted. She complimented their bravery and commitment to help.